Charmed, I’m Sure


The Map Collection is designed to commemorate the moments in our customers’ lives that have defined them in some way and the milestones that have made them into the people they are today.


One of my favorite things about licensing the Map Collection to A.JAFFE is our charm bracelet.  So many people used to tell me, “I have so many places that I want to map.  How do I choose between them all?” Now, with the help of A.JAFFE, you don’t have to!


Keep reading to hear all about my charm bracelet and the different places it represents.


Forest Acres

1.  Forest Acres Camp

My first charm is my summer camp, Forest Acres.  Forest Acres is the first place that really formed me.  It was a place I learned about myself, established a sense of independence, and found that I could be a leader, regardless of what happened during the school year.  I went to summer camp for years, including those questionable middle school years, where you are self-conscious and unsure of yourself.  Those are the very years, that are most important in terms of establishing a sense of self, a strong one, that can get you through September through June.


Not all those who wander

2.  Home

“From the house that built me,” is engraved on the other side of this charm. In all honesty, besides the occasional summer vacation or spring break, I actually never lived there, really.  My parents moved into this house the summer before I went to boarding school, but with that said, there’s no place that feels more like home.  First, I love this house.  It’s beautiful, perfect for entertaining, and it’s the place I think of when I’m stressed out and need to recollect my thoughts.  There’s nothing that rejuvenates me more than a weekend at home, eating my favorite foods, going for a long run, and being with my family… Even to this day.


3.  The Kent School

From an early age, I loved being independent, beating to my own drum.  In middle school, I decided that I wanted to go to boarding school.  I hired my own SSAT tutor off the Internet from the comfort of a colorful iMac.  I called each school. I sent away for information.  I researched.  I called each school to schedule interviews.  I walked downstairs before dinner one night, and I told my mom which days I wouldn’t be able to attend middle school.

“And why won’t you be able to go to school, may I ask?”

“Because I have boarding school interviews, of course.”

The list got refined from there.  The Cate School in California (they have windsurfing!) was quickly nixed.  So were the the schools in New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and, well, pretty much every state except for Connecticut and Rhode Island.

I ended up attending The Kent School in Kent, Connecticut.

Kent is by far the most beautiful campus, college or otherwise, that I’ve ever visited.  I’m proud to say that I’m a Kent alumna, because of the people in my company.  Out of every boarding school, the most interesting people come out of Kent.  They are the creative, unique adults that you would want to sit next to at a dinner party.  My dinner party consists of Lana Del Rey, KT Tunstall, Lauren Santo Domingo (founder of Moda Operandi), three-time Emmy Award winner Frank Celenza of Frankie Cooks, fellow jewelry designer Paola van der Hulst… The list goes on of people that I’m proud to know.

Some of the best friends I have in life came out of late nights at Kent, because we really grew up together.  We became the people we are today, together. We grew up more like sisters than friends, and they are relationships that I’m proud to have.


4.  NYU

Since, again, Kent is the prettiest school I’ve ever been to, I decided that I didn’t need a campus for college.  I ended up attending NYU, and I wouldn’t have graduated from anywhere else.  I had incredible opportunities at NYU.  I interned every semester, from fashion designers like Erin Fetherston to jewelry designers such as Lisa K. and Rachel Leigh.  I wanted to learn how the industry worked as a whole, which led to internships in the PR department of YSL (now Saint Laurent) to the buying office of Bergdorf Goodman in fine & designer jewelry.

Inside the classroom, I went to the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where I took most of my classes at the Stern School of Business, supplementing my coursework with tutorials and independent studies with Parsons & FIT professors.


5.  Study Abroad: Paris, France

Diana Vreeland once said, “The first thing to do, my love, is to arrange to be born in Paris. After that, everything follows quite naturally.”

I may not have arranged accordingly, but while at NYU, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Paris. I lived on a street called Rue de Monttessuy, which is located one block away from the Eiffel Tower and on the same street as three Michelin Star-rated restaurants.

On that street, I made all of my best friends from college.  One of my closest friends from college, who subsequently introduced me to all of my college friends through the next semester, lived two doors down from me.

Bottles of wine cheaper than water, baguettes that never made you gain a pound, to late night dance parties on the Seine, there was never a day that went by where I wasn’t grateful for everything I had in Paris.


Three Jane


6.  Three Jane

On the reverse side of this charm, it says, “Let’s get lost in imaginary places.”  As you might know, Jane Street skips from one to five, so three is this imaginary space that works in conjunction with the Map Collection, in that you can take any place and make it your own.

Having Three Jane, helped define me as a person.  I have been growing with Three Jane since November 2012.  I have gone through insane times where I couldn’t keep up with the product.  Times where I was confused about what to do next, especially after licensing 90% of my business to A.JAFFE.  I’ve gone through the highest highs and some low lows as well, but the thing that never has changed is my love of Three Jane.

Jane Street has more published authors living there per capita than any other street in the world, and one walk down it, you know why. When I pass by any townhouse on the street, I imagine the lives behind those walls:  The dinner parties, the conversations, the art work to the moldings.

I’ve had the opportunity to think a lot about what I want Three Jane to be within the past few months, and a lot of changes are about to take place, so stay tuned as we continue to grow and develop Three Jane!


What are the places that mean the most to you?  Tell us in the comments or better yet, map your own on  #MapYourMoment

Crop Top: Tibi // Skirt: Lela Rose (unavailable, but similar here and here) // Charm Bracelet: Maps by A.JAFFE // Shoes: Alice + Olivia (navy, but same style; similar color here)

S’mores Brûlée




  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Graham Crackers
  • Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix
  • Mini Marshmallows


  • Crème Brûlée Ramekins
  • Butane Torch



  • Combine instant chocolate pudding mix and 2% milk.   Note: There are two types of instant pudding chocolate mixes.  One requires you to bring it to a boil; the other does not.  I use the one that you just mix.  Makes your life a little easier!


  • Put the chocolate pudding into the ramekins, three quarters filling the dish.


  • Add a layer of chocolate chips, completely covering the pudding.


  • Add a layer of marshmallows, completely covering the dish.


  • Torch the marshmallows until preferred level of golden brown or burnt.


  • Sprinkle graham cracker crumbles on top.



  • Enjoy!

8 Tips for Throwing THE Pool Party of the Summer

1This summer, there’s been so much to celebrate. In November 2014, my licensing deal with A.JAFFE for the Map Necklace went live, and with that, new opportunities arose, including a job as their in-house Creative Strategist starting this past July.

Of course, like every summer, it went by too quickly, but when I think back to April and May, really so much has happened. Perhaps that can be attributed to the early start and late finish of the summer this year, perhaps when you are ready for change, it just seems to happen, but no matter the reasoning, let’s celebrate Labor Day with a bang.

Here are my 8 tips for having THE Labor Day party of the summer:


  1. A well-placed cookie cutter can go a long way.  Find your favorite shapes off of Amazon (a flamingo, crab, palm tree, the possibilities are almost endless) and use the cookie cutters to cut your pineapple and watermelon into fun, quirky shapes.



Palm Tree:



  1. Gold spray paint is your friend.  Spray paint a watermelon to look like a bowling ball and pineapples to look like pins for some interactive décor:


Spray Paint:


  1. Invest in a pink 1950’s payphone. It becomes an instant photo booth:

Pink 1950’s Payphone:

104. Lawn games. Lots of lawn games.



Spike Ball:

115. Flamingo greeters are the best kind of greeters.

Flamingo Yard Ornaments:


6. When designing your tablescape, pick three main colors and stick with them.  In this case, I picked hot pink, bright blue, and yellow, so no matter what you do with your décor, it comes together.

12Flamingo Straws:

Umbrella Straws:

Paper Straws:


Tissue Pineapples:

Flamingo Glasses:


Admit One Tickets:

Wine Stopper:




7. Safety First: Friends who float together, stay together.

17Flamingo Cup Holder Floats:

Donut Float:

Swan Float:

Pretzel Float:

Ice-Cream Float:


8. Last but certainly not least, start planning your next party; it’s the best way to deal with a bad case of summer blues.

For more tips, check out the full story on Style Me Pretty!






It’s that moment about an hour after your last exam senior year of high school. You’ve taken a hot shower. You’ve thrown all of those flashcards into the nearest trash can. No stress.  No pending obligations.


But the feeling is unnerving. Like you are supposed to be doing something or meeting with someone, somewhere. Isn’t there a summer reading book to buy? You don’t have a job or an internship to go to.   Not yet, anyway.


It’s a pure, clear, bright moment. One of the few in life without any sort of to do list. No boxes to check.


I remember that moment clearly. I spent an entire day on sitting “Senior Rock,” located on a popular field of my boarding school campus, letting the brightest of sunlight take over me completely.  And that’s what this moment kind of feels like now.


It’s time to begin again.


About a year ago, I met a woman during one of my trunk shows at Henri Bendel.  She wanted to set-up a meeting with me.  I took her card, and I didn’t think anything of it.  She emailed me later that week, setting up a meeting with the COO and CEO of A. Jaffe, a 122-year-old engagement ring brand.  The CEO of the company sat me down, and asked, “Katie, how would you like to take the Map Necklace mass market?”

At the time, I was engraving each Map Necklace, speaking to each of my customers, learning about their amazing stories, and while I loved it, it wasn’t a scalable business.  The partnership with A. Jaffe would make it scalable.

“Tell me more,” I said.


This is the way I could expand my business. This is the way I could create the business I’ve always wanted to have. But at the same time, I’m handing over the thing I spent 90% of my time doing, the thing that generated 90% of my revenue.

I decided to take the deal and the royalties it came with, and now you can find the Map Collection looking more beautiful than ever on



Begin again.

It’s an intimidating concept. Starting over. From the beginning. For a while there, things were comfortable. Perhaps too comfortable. But then the stable floor that you’ve been standing on starts to pull away from under you, inch by inch, day by day until…



Begin again.

It’s time to reinvent. It’s time to try harder. It’s time to create, create, CREATE. And create some more from there. It’s time to take charge, take charge of everything.


So, here I am, and, as Holden Caulfield would say, “I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff…”


Dive with us. We have no idea what we are doing or where we are headed, but we can guarantee it will be the adventure of a lifetime.


Let’s begin again. #3JBeginAgain… Together.

CREDITS: Tibi Arden Crepe Lace Jumpsuit, Three Jane Jewelry